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Unit Name Aerial Ladder Engine Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down Blast Off! Building Martian Cargo Rovers Caesar’s Cipher Come Scale Away Coral Reefs Crash Waves Investigating Claims Nutrient Management Physical and Chemical Changes Season Creep Silicates and Light Wind Beneath the Wings? Zip Line Challenge
From Progam Fighting Fire with STEM Medieval: STEM Through the Middle Ages Mars: Manifest Destiny Mars: Manifest Destiny Secret Communications: Sharing Concealed Messages Synthetic Scorecard: Building the Future of Biology Climate Change: The Future Is Now Dive In: Oceanographic Engineering What’s the Story, Data? Out of the Silo: Agronomic STEM You Be the Judge Climate Change: The Future Is Now Materials Science: Living in a Material World Take Flight: Investigating the Aviation Industry Engineering: Design and Build
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Try a Unit Kit from the Award-Winning IMSA Fusion STEM Program to get a glimpse into what the larger curriculum modules have to offer your classroom and your students.


In this unit from the award-winning IMSA Fusion STEM program, students examine the interactions of matter and light. They experiment with a model to learn why materials have such a wide range of visual appearances. Then students explore the mathematical design constraints and optical properties of architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie-style stained glass and use linear equations to design and create their own work of art.

Includes materials for 30 students, writable student content and access to detailed digital teacher content with professional development videos (1-year license). Grades 6–8.