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With Flinn's Teaching Chemistry Video Series DVD Set Solids and Liquids, discover the properties of solids and liquids! The properties of solids and liquids give us a mirror to see the inside the world of atoms and molecules.

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Discover the properties of solids and liquids! Our incredible video series of tested and proven lab activities is now available on DVD! Experience the inspiration of being in a workshop classroom with fellow teachers as award-winning presenters perform each experiment or demonstration and explain its underlying design. Improve your motivation and confidence to make chemistry truly come alive in your classroom for all your students. Build your video library today! Handouts provided for all activities! There is also a complete bundled Teaching Chemistry Video Series DVD Set (Catalog No. AP7495) available that includes more than 75 hours of videos. All of the videos listed below are available on the Solids and Liquids DVD set, which includes Solids and Liquids and Solutions and Solubility. More than 8 hours of total viewing on 6 disks! 49 total activities!Solids and Liquids The properties of solids and liquids give us a mirror to see the inside the world of atoms and molecules. 7 videos. Concepts: Chemical bonding, crystal structure, sublimation, evaporation and vapor pressure, phase changes and phase diagrams, intermolecular forces Video DescriptionProperties of Solids Investigate the physical properties if common solids. 4 activities, 34 min. Structures of Solids It's easy to appreciate the crystalline beauty of minerals and gems. Appreciate their chemistry by visualizing their structures and explaining their properties. 5 activities, 40 min. Phase Changes and Phase Diagrams Phase diagrams are actually maps of the states of matter as a function of temperature and pressure. Learn to read the maps by exploring the fascinating territory of phase changes. 4 activities, 43 min. Properties of Liquids Show students that molecules in the liquid phase are in constant motion. 5 activities, 32 min. Mixing Liquids—Volume is Not Conserved How close together are the particles in a liquid? Students will gain a conceptual awareness of the particle nature of matter that is needed to understand chemistry. 2 activities, 36 min.Vapor Pressure of Liquids Show students that the constant dynamic balance between rates of evaporation of a liquid and subsequent condensation of the vapor leads to an equilibrium vapor pressure. 3 activities, 35 min. Evaporation and Boiling Investigate the energy changes accompanying phase transitions from a liquid to a vapor. 5 activities, 43 min. Solutions and Solubility Solubility is as essential to our understanding of chemistry as it is to life! 5 videos. Concepts: Saturation, effect of temperature on solubility, colligative properties, freezing point depression, colloids and suspensions, concentration and molarity Video DescriptionSaturated, Unsaturated, and Supersaturated Solutions A saturated solution contains the maximum amount of solute that will dissolve at a particular temperature. How and why can you prepare a supersaturated solution? What factors affect solution formation? 4 activities, 39 min. Solubility Equilibria Explore the dynamic nature and balance of solution formation and crystallization. 4 activities, 31 min. Properties of Solutions Show students that the properties of solutions depend on the type and size of dissolved or dispersed particles, the number of particles formed when a solute dissolves, and the interactions between particles. 5 activities, 36 min.Precipitation Reactions and Solubility Rules Discover the solubility rules for ionic compounds by observing double-replacement precipitation reactions. 4 activities, 40 min. Concentration of Solutions Students will better understand the terms and learn how to analyze the concentrations of solutions. 5 activities, 48 min. The Solids and Liquids DVD Set is one of ten different Teaching Chemistry Video Series DVD Sets! Click on the items below for more information about the other DVD sets.