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Test different materials for their static potential.

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Product Details

We're all familiar with the static charges that occur when we remove a wool sweater, but detecting and measuring static can be a bit tricky. Now you can visually demonstrate the presence of a static charge with this classic flask electroscope. Simply place the two aluminum ribbons onto the hook inside of the flask. If a static charge is nearby, the two ribbons will repel away from each other. The stronger the charge, the more the ribbons separate. Charged objects do not need to touch the flask at all. Simply bring them near the insulated metal platform to observe the effect in action. Test different materials for their static potential. Does darker hair create more of a static charge than lighter hair? What happens if you rub your feet on the carpet on a dry day and then bring your hand near the electroscope? Includes glass flask, stopper, rod, aluminum ribbons, and activities. (Not intended for use by children under 12.) Total height is approximately 18 cm. About 8.5 cm wide at the base.