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Stomata and Transpiration Rates—Student Laboratory Kit

Item #: FB1861 

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Stomata and Transpiration Rates Botany Laboratory Kit for biology and life science will strengthen your knowledge and understanding of stomata and transpiration in an engaging two-part activity.

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Product Details

Strengthen your students' knowledge and understanding of stomata and transpiration with this engaging two-part student lab activity. Students first observe the physical properties of stomata and determine the average number of stomata in a leaf by viewing plant leaf impressions under a microscope. They then investigate and measure the rate of transpiration of plants under different conditions to learn more about photosynthesis, guard cells, and gas exchange. Includes detailed procedures, complete teacher's notes, and enough materials for 30 students working in pairs.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Fingernail polish, clear, 0.45 oz
Petroleum jelly, foilpac, 5 g, 8
Bean-red, seed, 4 oz
Microscope slide, 15
Potting soil, 8 lb
Tape, transparent, ½" x 450"
Water sample tubes with caps, 60
Watering trays, 11" x 21", 2