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Item #: AP5284

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Hand-Held Stream Flowmeter for field studies in environmental science is basic, easy-to-use and takes accurate measurements of stream velocity.

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Product Details

Take accurate measurements of stream velocity with this basic, easy-to-use hand-held flowmeter. Just lower the impeller stick into the flow of moving water, attach “riser rods,” start the counter, and read the digital display on the flowmeter. Includes durable plastic 3-foot impeller stick that easily disassembles into four sections for convenient storage, protective pouch to store the flowmeter, three “riser rods” to elevate the impeller off the stream bed, and a 30-page operation manual with laminated calibration charts and reproducible data collection sheets. Operates on two AAA batteries for over 100 hours of use. Supplied in a handy waterproof storage/carrying box. Batteries included.