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Teaching Chemistry as an Experimental Science

Scientific Method / Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Playing With Words    Video   PDF

Teaching Strategies / Discrepant Event—Physical Properties
The Disappearing Beaker    Video   PDF
Surface Tension Demonstration    Video   PDF
Indicator Sponge    Video   PDF
On the Level    Video   PDF
Ice Melting Blocks    Video   PDF
Sewer Lice    Video   PDF

Teaching Strategies / Discrepant Event—Classroom Lessons
Mass vs. Density    Video   PDF
Discrepant Balloons    Video   PDF
Preparation of Discrepant Balloons    Video
Needle in a Balloon    Video   PDF

Scientific Method / Observation Skills
Foiled Again    Video   PDF
The Potato Candle    Video   PDF
Goldenrod Messages and Name Tags    Video   PDF
Flask and Tubing Observation Activity    Video   PDF

Scientific Method / Scientific Method Demonstrations
Paraffin Paradox    Video   PDF
Think Tube    Video   PDF

There's Magic in Chemistry
Accuracy and Precision Card Trick    Video   PDF
Ropes and Isotopes    Video   PDF
Intermolecular Forces Magic Trick    Video   PDF
The Mellow-Yellow Reaction    Video   PDF
Magic of Teaching    Video   PDF

Scientific Method / Scientific Method Demonstrations
Reaction in a Bag    Video   PDF

Inquiry Labs / Using Demonstrations to Promote Inquiry
Electrochemical Clock    Video   PDF
Iodine Clock Challenge    Video   PDF
Rolling Spheres Down an Inclined Plane    Video   PDF

Inquiry Labs / Inquiry Lab Activities
Flinking - Neither Floating nor Sinking?    Video   PDF
Mystery Solutions Lab    Video   PDF
Average or Apparent Mass of an Element    Video   PDF
Analysis of Unknown Solids    Video   PDF

Scientific Method / Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Lota Bowl    Video   PDF

Teaching Strategies / Silent Demonstrations
Silent Lecture    Video   PDF
Penney's Quick Silent Demos    Video   PDF

Teaching Strategies / Teaching With Toys
Hand Blasters    Video   PDF
Ralphie, the Drinking Bird    Video   PDF
Circle of Hands    Video   PDF

Teaching Strategies / Momentary Diversions
Equilibrium Arrow    Video   PDF
Bunsen's Birthday    Video   PDF
Mirror Glass    Video   PDF

Inquiry Labs / Bob Becker Target Labs
Target Lab Discussion    Video   PDF
Target Density Lab    Video   PDF
Target Stoichiometry Lab    Video   PDF
Target Mole Lab    Video   PDF
Target Gas Law Lab    Video   PDF

Inquiry Labs / Jeff Bracken Challenge Labs
Measurement Challenge    Video   PDF
Test Tube Challenge    Video   PDF
MSDS Challenge Inquiry Lab    Video   PDF
Production of Sodium Carbonate Lab    Video   PDF

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