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A Murder Mystery - DNA Fingerprinting - Super Value Laboratory Kit

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: FB1566

Price: $112.20

In the A Murder Mystery and DNA Fingerprinting Laboratory Kit for biotechnology, challenge others to solve the mystery using simulated DNA fingerprinting techniques.

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Product Details

Students will simulate a gene pool using different colored pop beads to represent alleles for a genetic trait in a population. Comparisons will then be made between the resulting frequency of alleles in the population with and without selection pressure. The change in the makeup of the gene pool with selection pressure will become obvious as students collect their personal data. The Hardy-Weinberg principle can be utilized to calculate the shifts in the gene pool for the population over time. The hands-on manipulation of this laboratory will provide students with a concrete memory of the concepts of paired alleles, random chance, and selection pressure. The kit includes more than 1,500 pop beads and detailed teaching strategies. Enough materials are provided for 30 students working in pairs.