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Item #: AP7042

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The Basic SI Units and Prefixes Chart for science classrooms clearly and succinctly identifies SI base units, derived units, and prefixes. In addition, the names, symbols, and numerical values of the SI prefixes are also included.

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Determine at a glance the relative strengths of a host of acids and bases. The formula of each acid is listed in the left-hand column in order of strength, with the Ka value to the right. For each acid the ionization reaction shows the acid's conjugate base. Colorful arrows depicting increasing acid strength and decreasing base strength help students recognize the reciprocal nature of the acid–conjugate base strength relationship. Chart size is 32" x 48". Printed on sturdy 80# stock with a reduced-glare laminate covering. Three eyelets at the top prevent tearing, and allow for easy hanging and removal during testing. Also available in 8½" x 11" notebook size, pad of 30 (Catalog No. AP7229).