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“My students and I are really enjoying your live labs.
Thank you so much for doing this! Thanks again for taking the lab work into our homes.”  

Denise G. Wagner, South Harrison High School, Bethany, MO

How To Prepare Your Students For Full Participation In These Special Live Labs:

  • Send your students the simple worksheet in advance of the day’s lab and ask them to follow along with the lab. Share the link to the webpage, instructing them to sign into the lab at the designated time.

    • Note: to preserve student anonymity; we ask student use the generic login information presented in the link when they attend the Zoom session

    • As we are not capturing student info, we will not be able to confirm if your students attended the lab, please use submission of the completed worksheet as confirmation

  • During the beginning of each experiment, the instructor will ask students to form a hypothesis about why they think a certain action has happened. Students will be asked to write down their hypothesis on the worksheet.

  • The instructor will then walk students through an observation session to help students understand if their initial conjectures were accurate.

  • Students can submit their completed worksheets to you to demonstrate their participation and understanding.

Hear What Other Teachers are Saying

How to Incorporate LIVE LABS into Your Lesson Plans

“Thank You so much for the online Labs.  With school being closed and schools being forced to work from home online, I had no idea how I was going to be able to produce quality Chemistry instruction on a daily basis.  These lessons are quality. My students will get so much more because of you. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”

—Pete Pratt, Jefferson-Morgan High School, Jefferson, PA

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