The Science behind SNOW: Experiments, Infographics and Free Resources

Jillian Saddler

As we have all been trying to deal with the ups and downs of the past year, the staff at Flinn Scientific have been putting together some fun, free and engaging activities you can share with your students both in and outside of your classroom.

On this note, we would like to reintroduce you to our Science Behind series, which consists of topics such as:

- Snow & Ice

- The Penny

- Green chemistry, and 

- Information on the Human Eye

As a former science educator, I have always enjoyed engaging my students by connecting the amazing science they experience with their everyday lives. As winter is wrapping up, we have set up several items you can use to teach your students about ice and snow.


We have put together various activities for you and your students that will enhance discussions about topics such as molecular shapes, bonding, and density. Preserving your own snowflake and the case of the sunken ice cube are just two examples of our student and teacher favorites.  Another engaging topic for discussion is why some people use salt on the road when it snows, while others prefer using sand.

I hope you enjoy the materials we set up for you this month and if you have more ice/snow or any other activities you would like to share, please do! We would love to hear your suggestions and pass them along to more science educators!

Take care,


Jillian Saddler
Staff Chemist