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Item #: PF2225 

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In this lab experience, students are challenged to design and build a basic generator to power an LED.

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Product Details

Safety:Before conducting the lab, discuss any safety precautions that are specific to your science laboratory or classroom.

Materials Included in Kit:

Jumper wire, PVC insulated, 22 gauge, 10 ft
LED, red, 5
Magnet wire coil, 30 gauge, 600ft, 5
Plastic tube, 5 ½” x 0.75” o.d., 5

Breadboard, 5
Breadboard switches, SPDT, slide-type, 5
Capacitor, electrolytic, 1-F, 5.5 V, 5
Diodes, 20
Neodymium magnets, 15
Resistor, 110-ohm, 5

Additional Materials Required:
Cotton balls
Electrical tape
Pliers, needle-nose
Rubber band
Wire strippers