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In the Designing a Hand Warmer Inquiry Lab Solution for AP® Chemistry, students investigate energy changes and calorimetry with formations of solutions. Students challenge themselves to design the best, all-around hand warmer.

Includes access to exclusive FlinnPREP™ digital content to combine the benefits of classroom, laboratory and digital learning. Each blended learning lab solution includes prelab videos about concepts, techniques and procedures, summary videos that relate the experiment to the AP® exam, built-in student lab safety training with assessments, and standards-based, tested inquiry labs with real sample data. FlinnPREP™ Inquiry Lab Solutions are adaptable to you and how you teach with multiple ways to access and run your AP® labs.

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Big Idea 5, Investigation 12, Primary Learning Objective 5.7

The energy changes accompanying physical and chemical transformations have many consumer applications. The backbone of these applications is calorimetry—measuring heat transfer.

Students investigate the energy changes accompanying the formations of solutions for common laboratory salts, and then apply the results to design a hand warmer that is reliable, safe, nontoxic and inexpensive. The students begin by familiarizing themselves with the principles of calorimetry and heat of solution calculations. The results provide a model for the guided-inquiry challenge. Students are given a series of solids, along with their costs and individual Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). The challenge is to determine the heat of solution for each solid and analyze the cost and safety information to propose a design for the best, all-around hand warmer.  

Complete for 24 students working in pairs.

FLINNprep is just one of the powerful learning pathways accessed via PAVO, Flinn’s award-winning gateway to standards-aligned digital science content paired with hands-on learning.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Ammonium chloride, reagent, 120 g
Calcium chloride, anhydrous, 120 g
Lithium chloride, 120 g
Magnesium sulfate, anhydrous, 120 g
Sodium acetate, lab grade, 120 g
Sodium carbonate, 125 g
Sodium chloride, 120 g
Cup, polystyrene, 8 oz, 24

Additional Materials Required (for each lab group):
Deionized or distilled water, 0.01-g precision balance (shared), beaker, graduated cylinder, hot plate (shared), magnetic stirrer and stir bar or stirring rod, paper towels, ring clamp and support stand, digital thermometer, timer or stopwatch.

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