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Item #: PF2217 

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In this lab experience, students find equipotential lines created by two different charge configurations, and map out the resulting electric fields. This lab does not include VR.

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Product Details

Safety:Before conducting the lab, review with the class the safety precautions on the student page. Then discuss any safety precautions that are specific to your science laboratory or classroom.

Materials Included in Kit:

Conductive paper, 8½ʺ × 11ʺ, 10
Conductive silver ink pen, 2
Corks, 100
Pushpins, aluminum, 20
Pushpins, plastic, 100

Additional Materials Required:
Cardboard sheet, 10ʺ × 13ʺ
DC power supply or 6 V battery
Electric field plotting map, 2
Voltmeter or multimeter with test leads, digital
Wires with alligator clips on both ends, 2