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Item #: PF2249 

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In this lab experience, students build a fan powered by an electric motor to develop an understanding of how electrical energy is transformed into mechanical energy. Likewise, they turn the fan-motor assembly into an electric generator, which produces electricity when the fan spins, without a battery supplying power to the motor.

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Product Details

Safety:Before conducting the lab, review with the class the safety precautions on the student page. Then discuss any safety precautions that are specific to your science laboratory or classroom.

Materials Included in Kit:

Cap, plastic, 10
Cork, size 11, 30
Manila folder, 5
Masking tape, electrical, 1 roll

DC motor (with attached plastic cap), 1.5 V, 10
Pushpins, 100

Additional Materials Required:
Batteries (or variable DC power supply), 1.5 V and 6 V
Buret clamp with clamp holder
Fan, small and portable
Multimeter with leads, digital
Ruler, metric
Support stand
Wires with alligator clips on each end, 2