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In this lab experience, students come to understand why winds exhibit the movement patterns they do. For example, students see that winds, or collections of gaseous particles, move faster when they are heated and migrate from high pressure areas to low pressure areas. They use their observations to explain natural phenomena such as sea breezes.

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Product Details

Safety: Before conducting the lab, review with the class the safety precautions on the student page. Then discuss any safety precautions that are specific to your science laboratory or classroom. n-Propyl alcohol is a flammable solvent and a dangerous fire risk—keep away from flames, sparks, and other sources of ignition. Cetyl alcohol is slightly toxic by ingestion and is a body tissue irritant. Glycerine may irritate skin and eyes and is an allergen to some.

Materials Included in Kit

Ammonium hydroxide, concentrated 14.7 M, 100 mL
Hydrochloric acid, concentrated, 12.1 M, 30 mL
Phenolphthalein solution, 1%, 100 mL
Thymol blue solution, 0.04%, 100 mL
Cotton balls, pkg/300

Glass diffusion tubes, 14-mm wide by 30-cm long, 20
Medicine droppers, glass, 24
Rubber stoppers, size 00, 90

Additional Materials Required
Beral Pipets, Graduated, Pkg. of 20, 1
Bottles, Washing, Polyethylene, 250 mL, 10
Bunsen Burner, Adjustable, Natural Gas, 10
Forceps, 10
Ring Support, with Rod Clamp, 4", 20
Support Stand, 6" x 9", 20