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In this lab experience, students carry out an investigation to create carbon dioxide from sodium bicarbonate and hydrochloric acid and determine the presence of carbon dioxide using two methods: a precipitate reaction and pH universal indicator. Students will draw correlations between excess CO2 and climate change as they observe the temperature in the experimental bottle (with effervescent [carbon] tablets added) will increase at a faster rate than the control bottle with ambient air. They will learn the limitations of small scale climate change experiments.

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Product Details

Safety: Before conducting the lab, review the safety precautions on the student page with the class. Then discuss any safety precautions that are specific to your science laboratory or classroom.

Materials Included in Kit

Antacid effervescent tablets, 40
Modeling clay, ¼ lb package, 2
Plastic wrap, 200 ft
Rubber bands, 120

Clear plastic bottles, 1 L, 10

Additional Materials Required
Cylinder, Borosilicate Glass, 100 mL, 10
Flinn Digital Thermometer, 20
Plastic Bottle, 1-L, 10
Stirring Rods, Glass, 10