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360ScienceOne size doesn't always fit all...

...that's why we created a new series of hands-on science experiences that you can modify to meet the needs of your students.

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A new twist on the classics...

...these brand-new learning solutions bring a fresh new way to teach the core chemistry concepts every student needs to understand.

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Teach dissection without a single cut…

...these new labs are the perfect lead-in dissection activity, and can even be used as a dissection alternative. 

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More choices = a better fit...

…select kits in full and partial sizes, as well as with and without instructions— stretch your budget a little further without forgoing labs.

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----------  ESSENTIAL SCIENCE KITS  ----------

From demonstration kits to student labs, we can help you find the right solution for delivering the best hands-on experience for your students!

We’re known for safety, so we build it in─ from instructions through proper storage & disposal.
There’s a high bar when it comes to safety in a science laboratory and we know it well. Our safety resources, training classes, and supplies are what earned us our reputation in the first place.
From the moment you open our box, you’ll know exactly what to do─ and have what you need.
Designed to make teaching hands-on science easier, our solutions offer reliability and convenience. We rigorously test to ensure experiments will work as designed, while making preparation a breeze, so you can bring more complex labs to the class while saving time planning.
If you’re teaching science  with an NGSS framework, you can see exactly how each of our kits align.
Use our unique NGSS search tool to easily search and find Flinn products and resources that are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. Search by Disciplinary Core Idea, Cross-Cutting Concept, Performance Expectation, and more.
No need to worry about spending money on something that won’t give you what you need.
Not sure a kit is the right one for you? We want you to be completely happy, so if you're uncertain before you buy— simply give us a call. We'll connect you with a staff scientist who can answer your questions, or talk you through what to expect, so you can make the right decision and be confident your budget is well spent.

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