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Whether time, safety or even cost is your concern, we‘ve got you covered with hundreds of chemical demonstration kits designed to allow you to introduce students to key chemistry concepts through safe, teacher demonstrations. Make the most of limited time and budgets with demonstration kits covering more than 25 different topics from chemical reactions and atom and electron structure to organic chemistry, thermodynamics and more. Most demonstration kits provide enough chemicals to replicate the same demonstration 7 times, allowing you to complete a test run for peace of mind before conducting your demo in front of a class. Premade chemical solutions save time, and each kit includes all information, tips and explanations with safe, scientist-tested procedures.  

Special features include:

  • Easy to Follow Set-up Instructions: Contains everything you need to know to set up a lab, whether it’s your first time or 500th—minimizing your lesson planning and prep time.
  • Scientist-Tested Procedures: Complete directions that you and your students need to conduct a lab properly—providing your students with the best hands-on experience possible.
  • Built-in Safety: Clear step-by-step instructions guide students through their labs while proper storage and disposal directions give you the information you need before and after a lab—ensuring that safety always comes first.
  • Quality Materials: Includes all the necessary chemicals, solutions, materials and supplies—our solutions and materials are quality controlled to ensure that labs go right.
  • Staff Scientists at Your Disposal: We have a team of scientists that can answer your questions, explain a kit before you purchase or talk you through a lab or an experiment gone (or going) wrong—meaning you never have to worry about the wrong choice or not knowing what to do. Simply give us a call!

Chemical Demonstration Kits

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