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Whether building a roller coaster or designing a trebuchet, it’s easy to get your students immersed in inquiry-based learning as they start to apply conceptual knowledge and reasoning skills while working through physical, hands-on activities. Flinn STEM Design Challenge™ kits cover a wide range of topics including alternative energy, biology, chemistry, environmental science, physical science and physics. Have fun with your students as they engineer innovative solutions to challenges that are relevant and meaningful.

Special Features Include:

  • Sponge Activities: each kit offers a sponge activity to get students immediately engaged and thinking— making it easier to introduce a topic by captivating your students from the start
  • Guided Extensions: includes guided extensions designed to meet specific criteria and constraints— providing further challenge
  • Instructional Support: comes with detailed teacher notes and background information— everything you need to get your students started, with minimal prep
  • Quality Materials: provides all the necessary specialty supplies or materials— saving you time & money
  • Standards Alignment: each Flinn STEM Design Challenge™ kit is fully aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, including Performance Expectations— providing you peace of mind
  • Staff Scientists at Your Disposal: we have a team of scientists who can answer your questions, explain a kit before you purchase, or talk you through a lab or an experiment gone (or going) wrong— so you never have to worry about the wrong choice or not knowing what to do— simply give us a call

----------   Flinn STEM Design Challenge™ Kits  ----------

Roller Coasters Beaks Egg-Streme Parachuting
Generating Electricity with Wind Solar Car Replacement Kit Investigate a Twirling Toy
Oil Spill Containment Cooking with Solar Energy Fidget Spinner
Marble Down Introducing STEM through Electricity Make a Wire Maze Game
Solar-Powered Cars  Fish Fitness Building Bridges 
Biofuels Landfills Alternative Energy
Broken Bones Build a Water Wheel Trebuchet
Digestion Connection Build a Simple Motor Create a Mobile
Build a Model Catapult Drop Zone Build an Electronic Quiz Board
Life Science Paper Airplanes  

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