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Snails are live, active, and relatively small. Sold by the dozen. Two types are available.

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Pond snails kept in aquaria will eat leafy green vegetables anchored to the tank bottom and will also scavenge flaked fish food.

This item can only be shipped to schools, museums and science centers

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Item# LM1106 LM1179
Type Pond Snails (Nerites) Ramshorn Snails
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Pond snails (Nerites): Freshwater, algae-eating snails.
Ramshorn snails: Herbivorous, freshwater snails with beautiful spiral-shaped shells.

Live, active (relatively) snails for the classroom. Representing the phylum Mollusca and demonstrating key characteristics of the group—a muscular foot, and a mantle-secreted shell. Snails are shipped moist in shallow “bait” containers. Sold by the dozen.