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It’s GAME ON for National STEM Day!

National STEM Day, November 8th is a great day to celebrate and inspire students of all ages to careers in science, technology, engineering in mathematics.

Whether you have a few minutes, a class period or a whole day, make learning STEM fun by engaging students in games and activities. Challenge them with experiences that promote integrated STEM learning.

------  GAME ON IN 10! ------


Call an audible: Build in 10-minutes with STEM-focused bell ringers, lesson launchers or even demonstrations of phenomena like the Doppler Football, that provoke inquiry and make receivers out of your students in the classroom or lab.

Featured Product: Doppler Football

In the Doppler Football Demonstration Kit for physical science and physics, tackling the Doppler effect is a snap. Drive home the concepts of sound wavelength and frequency with an audible tone emitted from a foam football.

More quick picks include…

Fuel Cell Football Apparatus–Use the Goal Post Apparatus Kit for Fuel Cell Football to make a “chemical field goal” by sending a pipet bulb through a goal post on the opposite side of the laboratory!

Clever Catch– Clever Catch® ball contains over 100 physics questions. Inflate the ball and toss around the classroom–students answer the question closest to their left thumb.

Carbide Toy Cannon– The Carbide Toy Cannon thermodynamics chemistry demonstration model creates an unforgettable combustion reaction. Specially formulated calcium carbide ammunition is used to safely demonstrate the production and combustion of acetylene gas.

Weather Map Symbol Bingo


Happy Sad Balls

Virulence: An Infectious Card Game


------  GAME ON IN 50! ------


Make special teams with students by integrating STEM lessons like Golf Ball Design that facilitate cooperative learning, challenge thinking and engage them in the science and engineering as well as mathematical practices.

Featured Product: Golf Ball Design

The relationship between science and sports is undeniable. In this lab, students design the best inner core of a golf ball possible by varying the composition of a reaction mixture to take advantage of the principles of polymer chemistry.

More quick picks include…

Build a Model Catapult—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™–In the Build a Model Catapult Flinn STEM Design Challenge™ for physical science and physics, build a basic catapult using simple materials. Fun competition.

Marble Down—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™– Set those marbles and minds in motion with this STEM Design Challenge! Students practice the design process by asking questions, defining problems, planning, creating, testing, evaluating and more!

Measurement Challenge—A Density Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit– Give your students a challenge—the measurement challenge! With this innovative teacherdesigned kit, students learn to make accurate measurements, estimate to the proper level of certainty and apply rules for significant figures in calculations.

Beaks—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™

Metric Match Game

Metric Measurement Puzzle—Student Activity Kit

Brain Game Minikit

Habitat Hold ’Em—Super Value Game


------  TAKE A TIME OUT! ------


Makerspace activity energizes the entrepreneurial spirit of STEM learning. Win big with students by offering them a time of makerspace exploration with construction kits like Makey-Makey Classic, electronic & engineering kits, Arduinos, 3D printed projects and more.

Featured Product: Makey-Makey Classic

The critically acclaimed Makey Makey Classic makes STEM education fun! Turn everyday objects into computer keys. From a simple banana piano to automatic cat selfies, there are thousands of possibilities.

Other game-winning choices include…

Circuit Scribe Super Kit–Draw your own circuits with Circuit Scribe! Use the conductive silver pen included in these kits to quickly and easily draw circuits. A steel sheet combined with magnetic components makes assembling a circuit a breeze. Build, make, learn and prototype quickly and efficiently!

Mand Labs STEM Electronics Kit-Standard Edition– Learn about circuits and electronics with the Mand Labs™ STEM Electronics Kits. Each pack comes will all the components needed to complete more than 50 guided experiments, two full-color reference books and online access to more-than 9 hours of video tutorials.

Arduino Complete Starter Kit– Start your coding adventure with these Arduino starter kits from Elegoo. Each kit comes with either an Arduino Uno R3 or Arduino MEGA 2560, instruction manual, breadboard and a large selection of components packed in a convenient container.

LittleBits™ STEAM Student Set

Snap Circuits®

K’NEX® STEM Explorations: Roller Coaster Building Set

Robotic Smart Car


------  MAKE YOUR OWN PLAYS ------

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