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In this lab experience, students carry out an investigation to determine an experimental value for the ideal gas constant, R.

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Product Details

Safety: Before conducting the lab, review the safety precautions on the student page with the class. Then discuss any safety precautions that are specific to your science laboratory or classroom. Remind students that hydrochloric acid is a corrosive liquid, and that it will cause skin burns and eye damage. Remind students to avoid contact with eyes and skin and clean up all spills immediately. Magnesium metal is a flammable solid, it should be kept away from flames and other sources of ignition. Students should wear chemical splash goggles, chemical-resistant gloves, and a lab coat or chemical-resistant apron. Students should wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before leaving the laboratory.

Materials Included in Kit

Copper wire, Cu, 18 gauge, 1.8 meters
Hydrochloric acid, HCl, 2 M, 500 mL
Magnesium ribbon, Mg, 1 cm pieces, 2

Additional Materials Required
Beakers, Borosilicate Glass, 600 mL, 10
Bottles, Washing, Polyethylene, 250-mL, 10
Crimping Tool, 10
Flinn Digital Thermometer, 10
Flinn Scientific Electronic Balance, 120 x 0.001-g, 10
Cylinder, Borosilicate Glass, 25 mL, 10
Rubber Stoppers, 1 lb, Size #0, Black, One-Hole, 1
Rubber Stoppers, 1 lb, Size #1, Black, One-Hole, 1
Ruler, Metric, Clear, 30 cm, 10
Weather Center, 1