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Flinn Inquiry Lab Kits for AP® Physics 1—16-Kit Bundle

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP7738

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The 16-Kit Bundle of Flinn Inquiry Lab Kits for AP® Physics 1 includes all 16 Flinn Inquiry Lab Kits for AP® Physics 1.

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Product Details

AP Physics 1, Big Ideas 1–6, Investigations 1–16

Save money by purchasing Flinn’s Flinn Inquiry Lab Kits for AP® Physics 1 as a bundle rather than individually—and save time! Each Flinn Inquiry Lab Kit meets the AP® Physics 1 guidelines published by the College Board. Each experiment has been thoroughly tested, retested and optimized to guarantee safety and success. Our kit instructions always include real sample data—never made up! Each writeup includes AP® Physics Review Questions that seamlessly integrate inquiry, content and reasoning to match the big ideas in the new curriculum framework. Science practices are applied to connect lab experiences to the real world. All Flinn Inquiry Lab Kits contain valuable background information, instructions, procedures and all the materials needed for 24 students. Our signature Guided-Inquiry Design and Procedure asks leading questions to help students identify the variables for designing effective laboratory experiments.

Cost-saving, comprehensive bundle includes all 16 Flinn Inquiry Lab Kits for AP® Physics 1—enough to fulfill the requirements for the entire AP Physics 1 curriculum. 
• Investigation 1: Measuring g: Exploring Free-Fall (Cat. No. AP7722)
• Investigation 2: Graphing Motion (Cat. No. AP7723)
• Investigation 3: Newton’s Second Law (Cat. No. AP7724)
• Investigation 4: Coefficient of Friction (Cat. No. AP7725)
• Investigation 5: Uniform Circular Motion (Cat. No. AP7726)
• Investigation 6: Conservation of Energy on an Inclined Plane (Cat. No. AP7727)
• Investigation 7: Conservation of Elastic Potential Energy (Cat. No. AP7728)
• Investigation 8: Conservation of Linear Momentum (Cat. No. AP7729)
• Investigation 9: Hooke’s Law and Simple Harmonic Motion for Elastic Materials (Cat. No. AP7730)
• Investigation 10: Simple Pendulums (Cat. No. AP7731)
• Investigation 11: Rotational Motion and Angular Momentum (Cat. No. AP7732)
• Investigation 12: Torque (Cat. No. AP7733)
• Investigation 13: Mechanical Waves (Cat. No. AP7734)
• Investigation 14: Speed of Sound (Cat. No. AP7735)
• Investigation 15: Electrical Circuits (Cat. No. AP7736)
• Investigation 16: Resistance and Resistivity (Cat. No. AP7737).

Additional equipment is required and available separately. All materials are reusable.


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