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Item #: AP1049

Price: $6,795.75

The Barnstead water still is an electrically heated still that provides high quality water. It is easy to use and maintain, and is rugged and long-lasting. Both classic and portable stills are available.

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Item# AP1049 AP1050
Type Classic Portable
Amp Draw 22 amp 12 amp
Liters/Hour 3.8 1.9
Price $6,795.75 $3,099.00
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Product Details

Electrically heated stills provide high quality water. Ideal for educational science laboratories requiring a rugged, long-lasting still. • High quality water: 1 MegaOhm resistivity. Gaseous impurities are stripped from the water twice. Water will contain less than 1.0 ppm total solids. • Easy to use and maintain: Deconcentrator removes scale-forming impurities. • Reliability and longevity: Typical services—20 years or more with proper maintenance. • Low water cutoff included: Low or no water will terminate the power to your still and provide full protection. • Compact portability: Portable still requires no permanent plumbing or electrical connections and can be set up for operation in minutes. • Energy-saving, double-walled evaporator: Feedwater is pre-heated in condenser by latent heat of condensation. • Low velocity boiling is ensured by an extra high and wide evaporator. Choose this still if you have normal to soft tap water. Please visit the USGS website at and perform further research/testing to determine the water hardness in your area. If you have hard tap water, some scale build-up will occur over time. In this case, these stills must be cleaned at least once a semester for maximum performance. Both stills are rated at 1300 watts and operate on 120V AC. UL listed. Portable Still dimensions are 21" L x 10" W x 19" H. A Classic Water Still (Catalog No. AP1049) is also available and is the same size, only 10" taller. Flexible tubing may be used for water supply and waste connection.


Amp Draw: 22 amp Capacity: 3.8 Liters/Hour