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With the Enzyme Catalysis Laboratory Kit for Classic AP* Biology Lab 2, investigate the rates of enzyme catalyzed reactions by observing the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide by catalase. Refill is available.

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Students investigate the rates of enzyme catalyzed reactions. By observing the uncatalyzed decomposition of hydrogen peroxide over time followed by the quick catalyzed reaction students truly get a sense of the importance of enzymes in life processes. The effect of boiling on enzymes is also studied. The reaction of hydrogen peroxide on living tissue is examined to show the need for decomposition enzymes within living cells. Finally, a time-course determination of the catalyzed decomposition is conducted and the resulting solution is titrated using potassium permanganate solution to determine the reaction rate of catalase.Support stands, clamps, pipet bulbs, test tubes, boiling water bath and a potato or liver are required, but not included in the kit. Materials: Hydrogen peroxide bottles, Scalpels, Plastic beakers, 120-mL, 2% Potassium Permanganate Solution, Wide-stem pipets, 3% Hydrogen peroxide, 2-mL serological pipets, 2 M Sulfuric acid, 10-mL serological pipets, Catalase powder (refrigerate upon receipt), 10-mL syringes, Stopcocks, Denotes items included with refill kit.


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