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IMSA Fusion—Medieval: STEM Through the Middle Ages

By: The Flinn Staff and IMSA

Item #: AP9576

Price: $1,200.00

In the Medieval: STEM Through the Middle Ages STEM curriculum module, students explore the science, math and technology that was developed, altered or utilized by civilization during medieval times. Empower your students with Flinn STEM curriculum modules powered by IMSA Fusion!

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Product Details

In the IMSA Fusion—Medieval: STEM Through the Middle Ages STEM curriculum module, explore the science, mathematics and technology that was developed, altered or utilized by civilization during medieval times. This time period helped lay the foundation for modern science and mathematics, and technological advances abounded. This curriculum focuses on the agriculture, society and epidemiology, engineering, chemistry and textiles, and technological developments that led civilization into the Renaissance.

Module includes the following units:
• Unit 1: Illuminating the Journey
• Unit 2: You Reap What You Sow
• Unit 3: Churning through the Years
• Unit 4: Say Cheese!
• Unit 5: Medieval Measurement
• Unit 6: Marco Polo: Top Trader
• Unit 7: On the Verge of Time
• Unit 8: Rags to Paper
• Unit 9: We are All Made of Stars
• Unit 10: Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down
• Unit 11: Dose
• Unit 12: So Much Depends Upon...Printing
• Unit 13: Everything is Illuminated

Provides 32 hours of instruction. Includes materials for 30 students, reproducible student content, detailed digitial teacher content and access to professional development videos about each activity (1-year access). Grades 6-8.

IMSA Fusion is a teacher professional development and student STEM curriculum program to maintain or increase student interest, involvement and literacy in science and mathematics. The learning experiences focus on helping students “learn how to learn” by emphasizing logical, mathematical and experimental scientific thinking with relatable topics. These curriculum modules focus on students in upper elementary through middle school as research has suggested that these teachers need more opportunities to gain content knowledge and students in these grades lose interest in science and math. IMSA Fusion is versatile to fit your learning environment and can be used as an after-school program or embedded in daily instruction as an elective or co-curricular. Units can provide content knowledge and hands-on experiences related to makerspace projects as well. Contact Flinn for district level pricing.

IMSA Fusion has found great success in many schools! Here is what one student had to say about the program:

“Learning math and science is different from learning in class because it focuses on a more hands-on approach to things. In class, we focus more on tests and worksheets, while IMSA mixes things up.”

IMSA Fusion is recognized as a top program in the nation by Change the Equation: STEMWorks and as one of the top K–12 STEM Programs in America by the Bayer Corporation.

Purchase individually or as part of a cost-saving digital site license! Quantity pricing savings are available and apply to all IMSA Fusion modules. Contact Flinn for an individualized pricing quote. 

Individual Module Pricing
Complete hands-on kit and digital content for one module (1-year access): $1200.00/each

Digital Site License + Modules Pricing
Digital site license with 1-year access to digital content for all 12 modules: $725.00

Plus additional modules savings:
3 to 9 modules $1000.00/each
10 to 19 modules $925.00/each
20+ modules $885.00/each

*Illinois customers contact Flinn Scientific for state program pricing.