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Why Science2Go?

Science2Go is a digital solution that offers a new approach to lab education, allowing middle and high school students to “do science” whatever the learning environmentRemote, Blended, Flipped and In-School.

With Science2Go, students engage in the process of scientific thinking, without traditional labs and supplies. Students watch videos that demonstrate real lab techniques and get access to real lab data so they can engage in scientific practices.

Scientific reasoning skills are covered as students connect what they learned in the lab to the natural world.They can also go deeper with links to simulations, at-home activities and recommendations for hands-on kits.Teachers using Science2Go can easily customize labs to best meet the needs of their students - by editing text and uploading videos, images or documents.

Developed with teachers detailing the challenges they face in teaching science in a COVID-19 school year, Science2Go is aligned to NGSS and other state standards. 

Flexible Science Solutions

Designed to Meet the Challenges of Remote Science Labs

Born out of the need to address the challenges of remote learning for science labs during COVID-19 school closures, Science2Go incorporated input from many teachers on how to make the remote lab experience engaging for students while ensuring continued learning. Each lab requires only 30-45 minutes for students to complete.

Bridge Classroom to Home Learning with Science2Go

Science2Go enables learning that bridges the classroom to home - and back! When students are in school, Science2Go can be used as pre-work to hands-on labs or be used in social distancing classroom so students can still experience lab experiments when complete hands-on learning cannot take place. And because the lab solutions are online, they are ideal for remote or at-home learning.

High School Science Labs

Lab solutions include videos and downloadable and editable content based on main curriculum topics from four subject areas.

High School Biology

Topics include: Mitosis, Rate of Transpiration, Ecosystems, Fruit Fly Behavior, Diffusion & Osmosis, Sordaria Genetics, Photosynthesis, Artificial Selection, Cellular Respiration, Peroxidase Enzyme

High School Chemistry

Topics include: Chemical Bonds, Chemical Equilibrium, Chemical Reactions, Acids and Bases, Atomic Structure, Thermodynamics, Stoichiometry, Intermolecular Forces, Kinetics, Electrochemistry

High School Environmental Science

Topics include: Climate Change & Keeping Cool, Carbon Dioxide Levels in Seawater, Model Climate Change with Melting Ice, Forest Fires, How Nature Records Changes in Climate, Albedo & Composition of Earth's Surface, Ocean Currents, Alternative Energy, Calcium Carbonate & Shell Production, Wind

High School Physics

Topics include: Conservation of Elastic Potential Energy, Mechanical Waves, Conservation of Momentum, Friction, Hooke's Law, Uniform Circular Motion, Torque, Freefall: Measuring g, Waves and Sound, Newton's Laws

Middle School Science Labs

Lab solutions include videos and downloadable and editable content based on main curriculum topics from two subject areas.

Middle School Physical Science

Topics include: Chemical Reactions, Waves, How Batteries Work, Potential Energy, Newton's Laws, Gravity, Linear Momentum, Friction, Kinetics, Rockets

Middle School Life Sciences

Topics include: Tree Rings & Climate, Carbon Dioxide, Genetics with Seeds, Emissions and Climate, Kidney Model, Change, Cell Size, Artificial Selection, Animal Behavior, Ecosystems