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Sea Star Dissection Photo Guide, Pkg. of 5

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: FB2019 

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Dissection Photo Guide for biology and life science contains brightly colored photographs that were taken during actual dissections. Versatile guides are tremendous tools.

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Product Details

Brightly colored photo guides produced with middle school and high school students in mind! Created from photographs taken during actual dissections, these versatile guides will be tremendous tools for all of your students’ study of anatomy and zoology. Prominent anatomical features and organs are labeled to help students locate these features on their own specimens. The guides may also be used as a review tool for lab practicals or other assessments. Combined with the Flinn Dissection Guides, the Flinn Dissection Photo Guides provide unmatched resources to guide inquiry-based group learning. Guaranteed to help students identify and recognize similarities and differences among diverse phyla within the kingdom Animalia. 8½" x 14", laminated.