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Finder Identification Field Guides for biology and life science are pocket size books that are perfect for use In the field. Simplified terminology and drawings increase success rates.

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Students love to work with these extremely popular dichotomous keys. With the simplified terminology and line drawings students increase their success rate in identifying organisms in the field.The pocket size books, (40x 60) make them ideal for use in the field. The question format encourages your students to look more closely at the features of the plant or animal being identified and increases student involvement.• Tree Finder: The classic key to identifying trees by their leaves and needles. Includes 161 native and commonly introduced trees. Shows range and habitat of each species. Basic for trees east of the Rocky Mountains.• Winter Tree Finder: Key to identifying deciduous trees in winter by their twigs and other features. Explains twig structure, buds, fruits, habitats and range of native and widely introduced trees.• Flower Finder: Key to spring wildflowers and their families, north of the Smoky Mountains and east of the Rockies. Explains botanical terms for parts of the flowers.• Track Finder: Guide to identifying mammal tracks in mud and snow. Includes keys to print shapes and track patterns. Also includes information on scat, habitat, range maps and drawings of animals and their tracks.• Bird Finder: Introduction to 59 common species and how they live. Organized by habitats and when birds are most likely to be found. Describes species behaviors.