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NSTA National Conference - Los Angeles 2017

Morning of Chemistry Raffle Winners

$75 Gift
Kearstie Hernandez - Huntington Park High School - Huntington Park, CA

Flinn Electronic Balance
Allison Baldwin - Ukiah High School - Ukiah, CA

3-Year Flinn Online Chemventory License
Benjamin Ku - South Pasadena High School - South Pasadena, CA

Complete Set of A Demo A Day Books
Kim Truchan - Winona Senior High - Winona, MN

Tie-Dyed Lab Coat
Kelsey Heile - Intermediate Christian School - Salt Lake City, UT

ChemTopic Lab Manual Complete Set
Chelsea Ellis - KIPP Houston High School - Houston, TX

Flinn Scientific’s Exploring Chemistry™: Connecting Content through Experiments

Thursday March 30th – 8:00am - 9:30am – Room 403A, Los Angeles Conv. Center
Joan Berry & Jillian Saddler

Join us as we present interactive activities and demonstrations that showcase the features and benefits of our Exploring Chemistry™ kits! We will highlight integrated lab and learning activities for some of the major topics in your chemistry curriculum! The experiments, demos, and Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL™) activities ensure that students will really understand the concepts and get a glimpse of the underlying simplicity and beauty of chemistry!  Free handouts and door prizes will be distributed.

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Flinn Favorite Biology Activities and Games

Thursday March 30th – 10:00am - 11:30am – Room 403A, Los Angeles Conv. Center
Matt Anderson & Meg Griffith

Students learn better and faster when they are actively involved in hands-on activities that are not only fun, but create learning opportunities along the way. We’ll share some inquiry-based labs, interactive demonstrations, and collaborative games you can use to motivate your students. We’ll focus on core topics like evolution, genetics, biochemistry, and more—you’re sure to find a Flinn Favorite that works for you! Handouts provided for all activities.

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Year-Round Solutions for Success in AP Chemistry from Flinn Scientific

Thursday March 30th – 12:00noon - 1:30pm – Room 403A, Los Angeles Conv. Center
Jillian Saddler & Joan Berry

Join Flinn as we share AP Chemistry demonstrations, labs, inquiry activities and more! Come learn about new ways to engage your advanced students. Our activities are aligned to the learning objectives and skills your students need to be successful. Also, discover the benefits of preparing students for the first day of class with FlinnPREP™: a new online review of foundational chemistry concepts. Free handouts and door prizes will be distributed.

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Teaching Forensics with Real Crime Scene Investigation Techniques from Flinn Scientific

Thursday March 30th – 2:00pm - 3:30pm – Room 403A, Los Angeles Conv. Center
Meg Griffith & Matt Anderson

Are you looking for innovative new ways to teach forensics in your classroom? See demonstrations of a variety of products and laboratory activities that will get your students engaged in forensic science! Features professional grade products used by real CSI teams with write-ups that make them ideal for classroom use. Handouts for all activities.

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Building or Renovating a Laboratory? Get Your Questions Answered

Thursday March 30th – 4:00pm - 5:30pm – Room 403A, Los Angeles Conv. Center
Greg Chyson

Get answers to all your laboratory design questions!  We will share design priority tips and safety information gathered from years of experience helping science teachers plan their laboratory construction and remodeling projects!  You’ll learn what features to include in your laboratories and what common mistakes to avoid.

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Fantastic Physical Science Demonstrations from Flinn Scientific

Friday March 31st – 8:00am – 9:30am – Room 403A, Los Angeles Conv. Center
Gus Alvarez & Matt Anderson

Amaze your students with quick demonstrations that teach common physical science topics, including density, force and motion, waves, light and color, energy, pressure, and scientific inquiry. Great demos to stimulate student interest, arouse curiosity, increase observational skills, and reinforce the learning process in a fun and positive way! More than a dozen effective demonstrations will be performed. Handouts for all activities.


Morning of Chemistry:
An Epic Adventure in Science

Friday March 31st – 10:00am – 11:30am – Petree Hall C, Los Angeles Conv. Center
Mike Marvel, Jillian Saddler & Joan Berry

In a world where movies and video games are filled with action and adventure, Flinn Scientific comes along to bring that same experience into your classroom. Join us Friday morning to witness the dramatic implosion of the Can Crusher, the amazing Alcohol Cannon, the awe inspiring Whoosh Bottle , and a dozen more of Flinn’s most critically-acclaimed demonstrations. Handouts provided!


Flipping AP Biology with FlinnPREP

Friday March 31st – 10:00am – 11:30am – Room 403A, Los Angeles Conv. Center
Meg Griffith & Matt Anderson

Flipping your AP* Biology class will help create an engaging and active classroom, focused on mastering the science practices. Learn how FlinnPREP™, a supplemental digital curriculum with assessment solution can ease your transition by providing video, images and written content in a condensed form. Learn to use this tool to assess student understanding and as a jumping off point for teaching modeling. Free teacher resources and door prizes will be distributed.

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New Inquiry Investigations for AP Physics 1 and 2 from Flinn Scientific

Friday March 31st – 12:00noon – 1:30pm – Room 403A, Los Angeles Conv. Center
Gus Alvarez & Matt Anderson

Join Flinn Scientific as we share experiments correlated to the new AP* Physics 1 and 2 curriculum frameworks. Four of our new 31 guided-inquiry investigations will be presented, two aligned with AP* Physics 1 learning objectives and science practices and two aligned with AP* Physics 2. Prelab preparation and introductory activities have been optimized to help you effectively guide students and provide maximum opportunities for inquiry. Handouts provided for each experiment!

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Green Chemistry Experiments for General and Advanced Placement* Chemistry

Friday March 31st – 2:00pm – 3:30pm – Room 403A, Los Angeles Conv. Center
Mike Marvel, Joan Berry & Beyond Benign

The Green Chemistry Program was initiated by the Environmental Protection Agency in the 1990s with the goal of applying chemical principles to prevent pollution. Join us as we present several unique experiments that demonstrate the 12 principles of green chemistry. You’ll learn how to build a functional solar cell using fruit, make a household surface cleaner from a plastic cup, use leftover wood ash from a pizza oven to run an acid-base titration and use lettuce seeds to study the ecotoxicity of various road deicers. These experiments can be used as part of your core chemistry curriculum or as supplemental resources. Handouts provided. 

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Enhance Your Science Course with POGIL™ Activities

Friday March 31st – 4:00pm – 5:30pm – Room 403A, Los Angeles Conv. Center
Jillian Saddler & Meg Griffith

Come check out how POGILActivities can help you create a more student-centered science classroom! This workshop presents strategies for incorporating POGIL activities into your Biology and Chemistry courses, and includes free sample activities. Process Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning (POGIL) activities guide students to construct new understandings while encouraging critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. Learn how to integrate POGIL with lab and demonstration activities for a complete, hands on science experience!

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Flinn Scientific’s STEM Design Challenge™ Activities

Saturday April 1st – 10:00am - 11:30am – Room 403A, Los Angeles Conv. Center
Janet Hoekenga & Mike Marvel

Hands-on, interactive workshop to help you integrate STEM scientific inquiry and engineering design principles into your curriculum. Join Flinn Scientific in a “build-it-yourself” lab project that will actively engage your students and increase their understanding of concepts that cut across scientific disciplines. Interactive demonstrations highlight science and engineering practices such as reasoning based on the evidence. Handouts provided for all activities!

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Hands-On Integrated Science Activities for Middle School from Flinn Scientific

Saturday April 1st – 12:00noon - 1:30pm – Room 403A, Los Angeles Conv. Center
Janet Hoekenga & Mike Marvel

Hands-on science leads to minds-on learning! Flinn Scientific presents relevant and age-appropriate activities for middle school—integrating life, Earth, and physical science topics. Workshop participants perform and observe experiments designed to capture the curiosity and engage the energy of adolescent students. Handouts for all activities.

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